Guys, should I break up with him?

We are in a LDR that he initially did not want. He changed his mind one month after I left when he noticed that he was never going to see me again. Before he started working he was present. We would talk consistently and he even texted me first a few times. We skyped once. However, as soon as he started working 75h/week (in the hospitality field) unless I reach out, he does not. Sometimes it takes him one day and a half to reply and although he is not online as much as before starting working he still is every now and then. I went to visit him last week and he asked me to be official. I must admit that when I made him notice that he was not present he tried to reply quicker, but it did not last. He approached the discussion by himself when I saw him last week. I got back abroad and initially he replied straight away as soon as he red the next day. Nonetheless, I have not heard from him in 4 days. I wonder whether I should call him and say I break up. I do not want to beg for his attention and I feel taken for granted. In addition, we had the discussion twice and although I saw a little effort on his side, it s not enough.


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  • U know wat? It may be that he misses u a lot. And in order to overcome that, he might have set limits for himself... M not sure any way... Well, i guess u should break up for ur own good, things will only get worse later on... And yea "only know u love him when u let him go"☺☺

  • Yeah, I'd break up

    • Well he kindness of did. He simply vanished. I sent one text only never got a reply. I didn't bother trying again. Now I wonder whether he did not care at all and I missed the signs or whether he got cold feet again because of the distance. He is moving abroad to finish his studies. The first country he will live in is in my reach (2h flight max, same continent). I have time to visit and when he is back on a break we live 10min walk from each other. The second country he is gonna live in is on another continent (12h flight minimum). Flights will be very expensive and we will be both doing internships so we won't be able to see each other for months.
      I just wanted him to tell me he no longer wanted to be in a relationship. I can accept he left, but it's hard to accept he did this to me. I had told him I was scared he would and he said that he knows I do not deserve it so he would not do it. But he did. I am confused when it is so simple. He fooled me

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