To let her go or fight for what you desire?

Will I ever have a chance with a woman I like, even if she rejects me at first?

How can You tell that You will ever win her heart?

Where is that line when You understand that there is just no chance and You should "move on"?

How to tell she might be available and is just playing hard to get?

How to tell she sure does not have crush on You, but if You still might get lucky if You try harder?

How to tell when there is definitely no chance and You should move on?


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What Girls Said 1

  • u just sound like HIM.


    1. if she denies you twice move on

    2. if she is taken, move on

    3. if she smiles at you and talks to you still, maybe you have a chance

    4. if she doesn't really show any interest to you at all, like you get this fake laughter ha ha ha, eye rolling and worse the sour face... STAY AWAY from this ho she doesn't deserve your attention... :) good luck!

    • I have seen people trying more than just waiting for second rejection. Actually for a Year or more and get successful. To the point when they even change their roles sometimes. (Never got so lucky myself)

      You say that I should stop if she is taken, but I have experienced my own woman deliberately taken by other man. I did not took that as offense - I wanted to break with her anyway, yet the fact remains.

What Guys Said 1

  • Can you give us some background here? Your questions sound like buzz lines for the latest hollywood love story.

    • There isn't much background. Except that I know men have done that with some success but I have mostly failed.

      My relationships have been limited to those where there is already some mutual interest.

      But I know that that some people are quite successful when persist even if rejected.

      I fear that my fault might be that I just fail to notice when I should stop or when I should try harder ...

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