Should I go to an event where my ex is going?

Not exactly an ex, but a guy and I who became good friends and had mutual feelings for eachother, told eachother how we felt. We talked about dating but decided it wouldn't work right now and then a bunch of other stuff went down via text and now we r not even friends anymore- not on social media or anything. And I'm pretty sure he really doesn't like me anymore...
This is pretty fresh and I am only in town for another day (was here for a week and hadn't seen him) but a family friend is having an engagement party- I know he'll be there. Should I go? He acts like he hates me now but I want to see his face. Everything was over text and I think that was why it was so bad. On the other hand, it might just bring out difficult feelings, and he might react in a bad way and make me feel worse.
But I'm flying home afterwards and might not see him for months otherwise...
What do you think?


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  • I have a similar situation. There was a girl I was just friends with in high school. We went on a few dates years later. Long story short it didn't work out. I like to text at least once a day and she hated texting ever (wasn't just me, other guys I know that dated her said they had he exact same problem) this girl is the sister of a kid on my little brothers soccer team. Not to mention she lives down the street from me. So I see her all the time. In all honesty don't worry about it. He's not gonna attack you or beat you up. If he waves then wave back. If he ignores you then ignore him. I understand it's tough cause you just wanna expunge those people out of your life but they still exist. But you're not there to see him anyway. So you'll be fine 😄

    • I'm kinda afraid he'll think I'm there to see him because I don't actually know the guy getting engaged that well... I know his family better... and I don't even live there anymore I am just visiting for a week (I moved from here like a month ago) I just don't want him to think I'm stalking him bc he made it clear he didn't want to see me (rude) but I kind of want to see him and also for him to see me being happy and confident before I leave and he never really sees me

    • In all honesty I can tell you're hurt by it (trust me i know how it feels and I feel your pain and I'm sorry) but approaching him probably won't be a good idea. UNLESS he approaches you first. I hate to tell you but life isn't a fairytale. Sometimes things don't end in closure and that's okay. Things with me and this girl will never end in closure. But I'm living a very happy life now. I live in western New York and she moved to ohio so she's not local anymore either. But you sound like a nice girl for wanting to patch things up :). Most girls don't do that so props to you. At the end of the day it's your call. But the important thing is to have fun at the event and try not to worry too much about it. Good luck!

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  • I see no problem with that, I'd go to show him that I'm doing just fine after a break up with him and show him what he lost lol... there us nothing to doubt or fear unless you got some unfinished business with him...


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  • It could be awkward if you go. Though it seems that your curiosity is urging you to go. I suggest going and maybe talking to him in polite way, maybe ease the tension. That's probably best


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  • Yes, go! Smile and live your life. If he wants 2 chat, U decide yay or nay.

  • Would you go if he wasn't?

    • Probably... but I wouldn't care that much if I wasn't able to make it... now I find myself really wanting to go and trying to make it happen (my brother is going if that makes a difference)

    • Just go and if you talk with the boy whatever. If you don't even better

    • Thanks

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