Should I go to an event where my ex is going?

Not exactly an ex, but a guy and I who became good friends and had mutual feelings for eachother, told eachother how we felt. We talked about dating but decided it wouldn't work right now and then a bunch of other stuff went down via text and now we r not even friends anymore- not on social media or anything. And I'm pretty sure he really doesn't like me anymore...
This is pretty fresh and I am only in town for another day (was here for a week and hadn't seen him) but a family friend is having an engagement party- I know he'll be there. Should I go? He acts like he hates me now but I want to see his face. Everything was over text and I think that was why it was so bad. On the other hand, it might just bring out difficult feelings, and he might react in a bad way and make me feel worse.
But I'm flying home afterwards and might not see him for months otherwise...
What do you think?
Should I go to an event where my ex is going?
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