In love with a drug addict who just broke it off and said he hates me. Please help?

Been w/ my boyfriend for a year on Sat. He hit a rough spot in Jan this yr, & completely went MIA from work, family & friends for 3 weeks.
We worked together. Claimed the disappearance was depression. He got his job back. Then lost it due to always going outside to smoke on breaks. Weed or some crazy strain.
He would message on and off on afternoons & after a while, not even tell me good night. Just always acted shady & different after that 3 week disappearance.
He moved in with me in May due to his struggle w/ money & no job.
Upon moving in he was always sick. Sick & throwing up & just bedridden. He never spoke of his drug habit w/ weed, & it never bothered me so I never talked or asked. He eventually would leave for hours, basically sit outside in the parking lot of the apt I live at & chill & smoke. Sometimes go to that drug dealer's home & chill there. They are BFFs.

I reached out to the drug dealer's wife on July 2nd to be sure he was there cause his phone was cutting off and it was well past midnight. I'm assuming she told my boyfriend about my concerned messages & he barely found out last night. Because when I got back from work, (1045pm) he was sound asleep but angry. Just angry.
Tossing and turning all night he finally got so angry and I could hear him in the restroom. I asked if he was ok, but he snapped. Got angry and tried storming out w/o my reason. I followed him outside, & finally he told me he hated me and to get the f**k away. He said because I messaged his bff's wife that he hates me. From one hour upon msging me to the next he's pissed. All night was pissed.
I don't know what on earth I did. I've done everything for him. Even as far as pay all bills. His phone. His final month's rent at that other apt he had before.
I know his habit is bad. I found out through msgs that he gets PAID in grams of crazy weed stains I've never heard of. Which is why he hasn't helped with bills in 2.5 mos. I'm lost. I don't know what to think or do. I love him.
In love with a drug addict who just broke it off and said he hates me. Please help?
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