Why are men so complicated?

So my ex of 5 years broke up with me last month. I didn't see the signs, but now I think about it.. he has wanted to leave for a while. I am completely heart broken.

Anyway, we where living together. the day he moved out, he was very angry and took most of his stuff. however it took a few weeks for him to come back and get the rest of his stuff in the house. leaving only a car in my garage. I asked him to only collect his stuff when I'm in work as the break up was hard enough with seeing him again. it would break me more. then last Wednesday he messaged me saying he couldn't come when he said the two days previous and would come on the weekend (when I'm off work). I said no which he didn't care and said he would. then said if I'm gonna be there with the lad I'm fucking.. he won't leather them.. (why would he do that when he doesn't care)

I replied with well I'm not fucking anyone and he is the only person I've slept with ever and why would be do anything. I said this to him as well as telling him he through me away and he's the one who left. he said it was my fault ( the only thing I was guilty of was trying to spend time with the person I love, he never wanted to)

Anyway so I then texted him to ask a rough time, to make sure I wasn't home. he ignored it twice. I came home Friday and the car and stuff from the garage was gone. however he hasn't left the house keys like he said he would.
so I messaged him asking if he left them somewhere. 3 days later and I've still got no reply.

I don't understand what he's doing. everyone keeps telling me that he is playing with my mind.

*I can't change the locks as it's rented, I've already asked.* even though he broke up with me, I trust him not to do anything with the key. I just don't know why he would want to keep it? and why ignore me when I ask for it?


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  • were very simple creatures. you want complicated, try figuring women out

    • try telling that to my ex. he is complicated.

      Us women just want to be loved and be the only women a man needs (well the women I know anyway)

    • you're so misguided

    • why, because I know how I feel and I know what I want.

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  • He is most likely ignoring you now because he has all of his stuff. He may have already grabbed the stuff by the time that he read your message and that's why he didn't reply.
    And maybe he has changed his number or blocked yours or something so he isn't getting the messages or maybe he forgot to leave the keys and doesn't want to go out of his way to leave them.

    • I understand if he was. cause I know it will be better to have no contact to actually move on. I just tried to ring him for the keys, so I know he hasn't blocked my number. he's just been ignoring my messages. I only messaged him before the day he picked his stuff up. when he was actually texting, he said he would leave the keys and everyone keeps telling him to leave them too. but he just hasn't. that's what's confusing me too. also his sister is my best friend and she even said she would give me them and he said no.. Just soooo confusing.

    • Oh wow ok that is weird he is being weird if he really wanted to just get it over with he would just give her the keys. I just assumed from your first message it was because he didn't want to have to go back there, Maybe if you message him and tell ask him to give the keys to his sister. He does seem to just be playing games :-(. Have you got much longer left on the lease?

    • I know right. I've already done that too. Well I've kept the house.. I guess I just have to wait. thank you for actually taking the time to read my post instead of just the headline lol.

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  • lol. men are simple creatures. women are super complicated

    • try telling that to my ex. he is complicated

  • Oh, the irony!!!


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