Does it happen for certain places to remind you of someone you loved? Does it go away with time OR stick with you 4ever?

It's been quite a long time and I walked by this place that I met this girl. I was reminded of this scene where she was simply starring at me and I was now reminded of that feeling I had when I noticed her. As I now passed by that place, I looked back at that specific spot and it felt like seeing me and her. I know we will never be what we could have been, but that I had this feeling of warmth and sadness rushing through my mind.

Happened for certain places to remind you of THAT person? maybe a faster heartbeat expecting to see that person around? From your experience, does this go away when you find someone else or you always get something going on in your heart?


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  • It goes away, but it takes time. You'll always remember you met her there, but you won't have these feelings coming back, these expectations and these flashbacks. You will be maybe a bit melancolic, but it will go away. You just have to give it time

  • I'm in the situation and I really hope it goes away soon are at least when I meet someone new.. even doing stuff we both enjoyed doing remands me of him which makes this hobby less enjoyable now


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