WHY did he keep coming back? Stupid me !!!

We were together 7 years though out those seven years he has really emotionally hurt me. He cheats and lies then doesn't know how to break up and says he is with me cause of our kid. I don't understand why when we weren't together he took her when ever he wanted. He has said he doesn't love and doesn't' want to be with me so we brake up for 6 months at a time then he asks if he can come back he was wrong and being single is not what he wants. So stupid me I take him back and it happened again I just keep letting him tear me down... This time he was telling the girl that he was already seeing all those things above and that he was with me for all the wrong reasons.. I am so sick and disgusted with him and more at me cause I keep taking him back.. I am done this time for real but there is one thing I need closure on why? Did he really keep coming back like I said I let him see his daughter and take her all the time when we weren't together.

i can not bare to do this thinking of the women he is with and holding and being nice to. after he was mean and cold to me. never said anything nice...


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  • He obviously isn't a gem of a man. I'm not saying he doesn't have good qualities... he must have had something going on if he got you. But he obviously isn't the best thing for you. In all honesty, I don't think that the problem is you. My guess is that he was similarly sweet on you early on in the relationship, but then turned sour. With the other women, he would be the same way. He just doesn't have it in him to build another person up.

    I was in a relationship with a destructive man for a long time. And sometimes he was the sweetest thing in the world. But most of the time he was a jerk. One great example is when he crashed his car. He had been drag racing and ended up running into the curb. At 2:00 in the morning he called me asking for me to come down and help him. I called the tow truck, and stayed with him. Helped him feel better about the whole thing. He told me that night "I love you and I always will." So we ended up sleeping together a few times over the next week, because I still love him too. But every time I saw him he was rude and surly. And he progressively got more rude and surly. Finally I confronted him and say "are we together again or not?" He said "I think I've always been very clear about how I feel about you." And for a second my eyes lit up because I thought that meant he loved me and would always love me... but the look on his face let me know I was dead wrong.

    When we finally stopped trying to make it work between us, I felt like a huge weight had come off my shoulders. Trying to be his girl was harder that going to school full time, working, and raising our one year old combined. And I have no regrets because I know I tried my ass off to make it work. Some things just are not meant to be. I am much happier now. "Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall into place."

    One of the things I learned from that relationship is that I was teaching him to treat me badly. He would be disrespectful and I would try harder to make him happy. I was pretty much rewarding bad behavior. He would literally put down everything I wear everyday, and I would take it. (I am a pretty sexy chick and get complimented by friends and strangers on my fashion sense) He was just a jerk.

    Bad people and good people will come into your life. The important thing is to spend more time with the good ones.


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