Backing off?

I've been talking to this girl for about 3 months now, and things started off great. She started telling me all these secrets about her, and we shared a lot of common interests (movies, TV, sports, etc), and I thought everything would eventually get to the point where I would comfortably ask her on a date. But just up to a couple weeks ago, I texted her, and she started giving me 2-3ish word answers. She also didn't try to hold the conversation. So I figured I would just talk to her less, text her less for a couple days and wait to see what happens...So I have a couple questions:

a) How can I tell if she is interested or not?

b) Did I do the right thing to back off?

c) When should I start talking to her?


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  • yeah you did the right thing by backing off... but wait and see what's she's says ... like for me lastnight I had a fight with someone but then at 6:46 am I got a text saying morning babe. but I know that he really likes me.


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