Should I tell him how I really feel?

I was dating this guy my senior year in college and we stopped hooking up because I felt like I was being judged by my friends and I hated being asked questions about our relationship. Then the last week... we hooked up because I just didn't care what anyone else thought. We both really liked each other and I could always see it in his eyes and he's tried to hook up with me on multiple occasions but I just pushed him away because I thought about my friends first. Now I recognize I made a mistake and I really miss him. we had no closure once we left college. I literally still think about him everyday but I haven't talked to him.. I'm kinda nervous. I don't know if I should text him to say hi and then eventually tell him how I truly feel. I feel like he thinks I want nothing to do with him and it really upsets me that I completely ruined something we had.

Thanks.. I really appreciate that. It really helped! I hope the best for you both!


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  • If he's really into you, and it sounds like he is, I think he might really appreciate the contact, even after everything. Dip your toe in the water, say hey how are things etc etc and just approach him. Then when the time is right you can tell him how you feel, I think in this situation the truth is definitely the best way to go, but tell him you regret how you acted. Whatever the outcome, you will have closure. Closure should get more credit than it does. It really helps.


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  • Don't be afraid to open that door again. You always want to live your life for you not your friends. Try having contact with him and see where it leads to. Why not? I agree with Sollozzo closure should get more credit then it does. Hope everything works out.


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