I messed up with a girl, And?

I need advice... I started talking to this girl, I'll refer to her as A. me and A got quite close and I talked to her about my previous hurtful breakup and she cheered me up, so I started developing feelings for her. Suddenly, she tells me she has a friend I should date, I'll refer to that friend as B. with that statement I figured A doesent have feelings for me, so I dated B. I decided to confess to A that I had feelings for her and apparently she did had feelings for me too, so I told B we should stop dating (even though I really had fun with her and she was so sweet) and I pursued A (because I already had feelings for her). I told her I wanna meet and talk, but after 3 weeks of excuses I got mad, and asked her if she wanted me or not , and she said that she's not looking for a relationship right now, so I decided to talk to B and tell her I made a mistake and wanted to date again. we dated and I really got attached to B and maybe even started loving her. a few days later, A and B talked and A told her everything, so B told me she won't be a second choice and I hurt her so bad that she doesent wanna date me anymore. I really care about B and I was stupid for listening to A about those lies and I don't know what to do. should I wait and then talk to B again? I feel like i really messed up and I feel so horrible, I cried my eyes out to B asking for forgiveness, and I really want her to understand that it's tough when 2 girls tell you they like you and you have to choose...


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  • You need to prove to B that she is important to you and is now your first choice
    Do nice things for and just keep on and on telling her that she is special
    Don't give up- she also knows that you won't give up if you truly want her

    And you said you loved her If you REALLY MEAN it tell her you love her. But only if you mean it


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  • Well you could keep trying and apologizing to her... Give her a chance to heal... And just apologize and explain... And hopefully it makes sense to her... But if she doesn't want to be with you again then you can't force her to... Maybe it's over for you with B and A and maybe you should move on to a C... But at least you can apologize and explain and know that you tried as hard as you could...

  • I think your only chance is trying to make her see that when you left her to try to be with A, you knew A much better than you knew her. Because if you knew them both equally well, then yes, B was your second choice and it will be kinda hard to convince her otherwise. You have to make her see that you had wanted a relationship with A for so long that it was hard to pass on the opportunity, given that you and B were just getting to know each other. Tell her that since you started dating the second time you realized how wrong you were.

    And finally tell her you understand if she doesn't want you back. Give her time to think about what you said and back off.

    Then, also important, go talk to A. First ask her why she would try to sabotage your thing with B, after leaving you hanging like that. Make A understand how important B is to you now and how she ruined that for you. Guilt trip her. If you play your cards right, A might feel bad enough to talk to B and convince her to get back with you.

    But truly, there are no guarantees B will take you back. I hope you can do it though. Good luck!

    • I did just what you said with the guilt trip and she agreed to talk to B... hopefully this works out, thank you so much for the advice! :)

    • I will keep my fingers crossed for you! I would like to hear everything worked out in the end.

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