For the life of me, I cannot get over this guy. What do I do?

There was this guy, as there always seems to be, and he was as I would describe -- amazing. They always are when you have feelings or dare I say, love them. I'd known him for 6 years, we went to college together. We were in the same program together, but he was a year a head of me. We didn't hang out during school, but always said hello and chatted a bit. After we graduated we didn't keep in any contact together.

A few years go by and I find myself working at the same company as him. I was thrilled. I was nervous to be starting this job, but it felt a lot better see a familiar face. After two years of flirting with him, I finally got the courage to ask him over to my place. We get chatting, and the night was flying by. Until finally he asks me "was this your plan all along?" And I said, "I don't know what you're talking about " Naturally we start kissing, and I invite him to stay over as it was after all quite late. As we are falling asleep he says to me, "I don't really do relationships, and you're the last person I'd want to hurt." I then said to him, "that's fine, we don't have to go any farther than this." And the he brings me closer to him and tells me "oh but I want too"

So a few months go by and we are stealthy dating -- keeping it on DL because of work. After two weeks go by he asks me if I was planning to see anyone else. I said that I wasn't planning to. That was the end of that conversation there.

I didn't know where this was going, I'd assumed we'd eventually talk about being exclusive or not, and where this was going. But I didn't necessarily want to rush in to anything with him. I was enjoy being "casual" with him, and taking our time together lightly. We'd spend our nights together, cooking for each other, watching a movie, playing video games, suggling.
I'll be frank, I still had my Tinder account while him and I were together. I don't really know why I hadn't deleted it. I wasn't actively using it. Long story short, a friend of his found me on Tinder...


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  • Are you or are you not still dating now? I can't quite make that up out of your description.


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  • Hi i read your message and i want you to know that it never n easy task to get over ex. i have also be a victim of this some years back i could not get my life back again because of the love i have for him, bu today we are happily married back together it a long story on the steps i took to get him back in my life. if you still love her and want her back i could help you with all i did some years back i will want you to email me on my mail so that i can let you know what to am going to wait your mail mccasart @ gmail. com


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