How to regain confidence after a loss or break-up?

I'm trying to rebuild my confidence. It was a short term relationship but I liked it, I waited, planned and prepared for it that's why it hurts. I want to be positive while I'm aware of the reasons and I've wisdom from the start. I just want to be happy even I'm alone again or will be alone forever.


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  • every morning tell yourself that you are beautiful, intelligent, strong and independent. tell yourself that whenever you feel down and especially be kind to yourself. don't beat yourself up over the relationship because it didn't work out. understand that if it's meant to be then it will be, learn from the experience. take some time off from dating and seeing people and get to know yourself completely and embrace everything about you because all your characteristics, habits, quirks and flaws make you the beautiful woman that you are. you are one of a kind, never forget that.


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  • Focus on you. If you feel that every day you're doing something to become a better person, no one can tell you otherwise. You are the key to your happiness. Pursue it with all you've got. And most of all fill your free time with activities so that you don't let your mind wander too much :)

    • I'd like to pursue my dreams, this is what gives me hope.

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  • Take time to work on yourself before dating again.


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