I acted dumb and behaved immature in my new relationship?

What should I be doing, to let her know I've changed and still love her, I could feel she loves me but she pushed me


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  • give her time and space

    • We are in an on off conversation and now she seems to dislike it as I didn't gave her any space back then

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    • I did never acted bad infact I loved her no matter what she'll put me though but this makes her think I'm emotionally weak,

    • Now I've realized it, and I don't feel needy but I don't want to loose her either

  • show her that you have changed

    • How? And please go through other conversations you'll get to know

What Guys Said 1

  • in my opinion you've already taken the first step, acknowledging where you were wrong. I think that the best way of dealing with the issue now is to be honest with her. Apologize and say how you really feel. That's what I think at least.

    • I've but every time I try to do so, I used to be on the emotional side and then things go in vein

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