What does all this mean? (my ex)

We broke up a month ago. Next day, got another girlfriend. Broke up two weeks later, got another girlfriend, she dumped him. Now he's back with the girl he was with right after we broke up. We started texting again a few nights ago because I sent him a text that said "I know you hate me, but please talk to me, I need a distraction, please." and he talked to me..for hours. From 2 AM to 5AM.

Him: I'm probably going to die from smoking, and soon

Me: Don't say that, I'll cry

Him: Why would you cry?

Me: I already miss you..

Him: Really? I never thought Id hear you say that.. I miss you too.

When he was dating the first girl after me (for the first time) he sent me a text saying he missed me a lot, the next night he broke up with her, then got a new girlfriend the next day, we got in a huge fight, that's why we hated each other.

And since he's been with that same girl AGAIN he told my best friend he misses me still, then my best friend told me, and my ex found out and flipped out on him for telling me.. he clearly didn't want me to know :/

What do you think?

He also keeps saying "I miss you, we need to hang out sometime" but I cant, I'm on probation and my parents won't let me out of the house. This whole thing brought us together, but messed up my summer. :/ I want to see him so badly :P


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  • It sounds like he is in recovery dating, stay clear of that.. DO NOT date him until he has been single for a month. or you will be just another ex

    • Do you think he's still interested in us dating again? He asked me if I was and I said I don't know, but he said he wants to try it again sometime.. or is he just a player?

    • Well if he asked you, then he probably still likes you. however, wait abit, he needs to recover from the last girlfriend. if you want it to last, wait until he is back to normal (at-lest 2 weeks) then date him, (recovery dating)

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