My ex just stopped contacting me?

well.. I've had been living with him for 3yrs been together for 5yrs.. just recently one stupid night, I was drinking and I couldn't stop he was at school... I was getting pass beers by his sister bf.. I don't know why he kept telling me to go night night I said no. I got scared to... then I got to the point I start breaking down thinking about what happen to me 1 year by that dude and just thinking about why he was acting my x boyfriend so distant from me, I really thought I was going to end my life I hate it I hated not finding a job... with out any experience I don't know what happen next thing I know I'm screaming yelling cops are here my x boyfriend friend is calming me down my x boyfriend was talking to the cops I scream anything that pop in mind... next thing I know I'm in the hospital kick out of the house.. and I dk why something I said maybe to p*ssed of his sister or his mom... a secret I couldn't tell but final did.. all I could see his is look on his face like he was ready to kill. his friend was like why you told her things like that he like I don't know I love her I don't know what to do... he never came in the hospital.. on the ride back here to blo with his best friend he called me read me a poem about our love and that night was the last night I've heard from him July 1st. he told me he was going to working things out with his family he told me he still cares and wanted us to be together but needed his space... and that he would call the next day or be on aim... he was on aim but never respond back for 2 days he hasn't even called me to tell me that is over himself I had a text from a buddy of his saying he doesn't wanna talk to u.. now I'm like going though depression about it.. like after 5yrs all we went though fights lovely memories.. he doing this.. I love him so much I dk... why what happen I don't know I remember I had my aim up for 3 days there I don't know who I'm me my sn out on fb just because idk.. I don't know who I'm me he probably thought I was cheating but I never never cheated and him b4 I don't know why he would think that I ant answer for him.. I don't know why I need like answers but answers I will never get. there was love but how .. its driving me crazy the other night he was on fb I'm trying to talk to him to see what's up he just was going off and online.. chat box.. I don't know how to yea his sister wouldn't even pick up her phone or respond to my texts I don't know how to fix things at all... I want to but I don't know how to I don't know if I can move on... he was like god to me I don't know how can you just forget some one after 5yrs... together now this I don't know really want to do just like give him in space and maybe hell come back but its eating me up so bad I've been going to more hospitals for depression.. its just so sad I wanna just know why he doing this...

there could be more to this story just ask sry having a break down atm again
my spelling is bad o well, yea me and ed have been talking working on this trying to find a way to get me back down there for school and internship but not having any luck yet


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  • Grammar check please! I'm having difficulty understanding what you typed... perhaps you should proof read it, then post it because if I'm lost... Other people might be lost also.


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  • I have a headache now just trying to read this...

    We all have breakdowns. But it doesn't excuse anyone from acting like a total idiot, embarassing others, screaming, hurting others.. etc. You were out of control that night. Why are you calling the cops and making such a big scene? Screaming at everyone and saying sh*t to others. If your Ex acted like that, and you had to "take care" of everything, how would you feel? If your brother's girlfriend acted that way would you really want to talk to her again? Seriously, you have to step back and look at the way you are acting, and the trouble you cause others when you "breakdown". How can you sit there and "wonder" why no one is talking to you? After the way you acted, I would be suprised if they did.

    I don't mean to be harsh, but I think someone has to help you realize what you are doing, and how you are acting. YOu are not the only one going through depression, and you are not the only one that has breakdowns. But you seriously have to stop acting like a crazy person and get yourself together.

    If you ever want your ex, and his sister to talk to you again, you have to LEAVE THEM ALONE. Start working on YOU. Do what you have to do to get a job. Start from 0 if you have to. Just START. Complaining about it won't get you anywhere. Go find a hobby that would help when you feel depressed. Discover something new about YOU. Just keep doing something, for YOU. Fix yourself first, and you will see everything will fall into place.

    It's not easy to do.. especially when you've been with someone for 5 years. I know it hurts. And it's hard to accept that he is ignoring you. It doesn't mean he doesn't love you anymore. He is just tired, and probably doesn't want to deal with your "breakdowns" anymore. So you know what you have to do... fix yourself. and please stop contacting them. YOu don't want to be the "crazy girl" they talk about.

    You will be fine.. everything will be OK. Just calm down...


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