How can I get him out of depression over his ex girlfriend?

OK, so I have liked this guy for a couple months now. He broke up with his girlfriend a month ago and now he's super sad.

Guys what could a girl tell that would make you feel better? Nothing perverted! please

Also, we spent like four hours on IM yesterday and that was the first time we had ever talked and he just vented to me and we told each other funny stories and talked about music.

I haven't ever talked to him in public before but we have seen each other at a lot of concerts and the mall.

I really wanna date him but he's so sad about his girlfriend...Is there anything I could tell him to let him know everything is going to be OK and he will find another girl even better than her? We have so much stuff in common. Help! Also we exchanged #'s yesterday he texted me saying hey and stuff...Can I text him in couple of days? And should I text him at night?


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  • i think the best thing to do, is to take him out for some activities, theme park, skating, bike ride, clubbing (once he is feeling a little better). just make sure the ex is not there. or it will make it worse.

    Also text him early evening when you know he is busy. id he responds at night. then it is safe to do the same.

    • He works the night shift at this place I could text him then he when he isn't busy?

  • ya sure you can, but remember texting only goes so far, you need person to person, face to face contact. plus it shows him that you care for him and are willing to take time out of your day to help him.

    • Is there an example of what I should say? he still hasn't texted me is this a bad sign? But he was busy this weekened

    • Well it is a sign, it means you are not on the top of his priority list. again to help get up there. do soem FUN activities with him. an example would be. "Hey the carnival is in town this weekend want to go over?" (or what ever activity it may be). Find an something he is good at though, so he feels more conferable. and if he is outgoing, then find something you suck at, guys love feeling important, and it will make him feel better about himself.

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