Why you shouldn't get back with an ex?

Give me reasons on why you shouldn't get back with an ex you dated for years.


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  • pretty demanding there aren't you?

    you obviously broke up/were dumped by the ex for a reason so its not likely that the reason just disappeared. do you really think that things would be different this time?

    • Ha, yeah.

      The girl that I had dated for three years just started coming back around, now that she is done with some guy she found out she didn't wanna be with because she was in love with me so much..doesn't make sense huh.

      And yeah, It won't be different this time, because she is already starting her insecure crazy bull sh*t again.

    • I've gone back with an ex before and I never will again. He acted different at the very beginning but then it was exactly the same sh*t as before. Its just better to avoid the drama, lol. I prefer the stress free life style.

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  • (1) They were verbally abusive.

    (2) They were physically abusive.

    (3) They were mentally abusive.

    (4) They stole from you.

    (5) They were TOO clingy/insecure, wanting to know everything you did at every second of every day.

    (6) They didn't share with you what they were doing at every second of every day.

    (7) You find someone else's bra in your bedroom. (No, he didn't accidentally pick it up at the laundromat.)

    Enough said.

  • I agree with the statement that "they are your ex for a reason"... Look at it this way... going out with your ex again is like throwing spoiled food in the garbage, then going back a week later to see if it's gotten any better...

    Usually, dating an ex is a bad idea... I have never seen it work out for anyone. Why go through the pain of a breakup twice with the same person?

  • it didn't work the first time around, but people change. maybe you should get back.

  • They are an ex for a reason


What Guys Said 2

  • You will always remember why you broke up, and it won't ever be forgotten. The last thing you want to hear is 'This is why we broke up"


    • No sh*t.

      They eventually remind you sooner or later..

  • Why get back with them when if you can do friends with benefits or just hook up when you feel like it...

    • When she started comin back around again, that's what it was, just f*** buddies. Now she's wantin more, and I know its just gonna end the same way.

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