What should I do? Will it ever turn into more?

I've been seeing this guy now for 6 months... He had just gotten out of a relationship and we decided to take things slow we agreed not to jump into a relationship. But its been 6 months now and I have feelings for him and he has admitted to having feeling for me and we agreed not to see anyone else but we still haven't made the step from dating to being in a relationship. He spends whole weekends with me when we get the chance and stuff but I'm to nervous to text him or call him much cause I don't really know what we are I feel like we are in limbo :S should I ask him or just leave things be?


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  • You know something? After six months I think it's more than fair to ask him what the fuck is going on with this. I get that he gotten out of a relationship but after 6 months I think he should seriously start having some kind of closure by now. At least enough to start seeing you in a serious and committed relationship. This to me sounds like utter bullshit.

    In my opinion if you want to ask him, I say ask him. Ask him what's going on. Try to sort out once and for all what he's going to do. Is he going to take this seriously or is he going to fart around with this for a continued and indefinite period of time? You can phrase this any way you like. If you want to sugarcoat it then that might be a good way of approaching this, because it might make things easier on you. Thought to be honest, after 6 months of screwing around, I'm not so sure I'd be so nice about it. Maybe it's because after all the girls that screwed me over I have little tolerance for it. Anyway I digress.

    Yeah I say ask him. Find out what the hell is going on. If he starts to sound like he's dancing around the issue, just try to shut that down, and ask for clarification. If he dances around it further, then I suggest getting blunt and direct. If he still doesn't seem serious, then you may want to start seriously thinking about what this guy means to you and if you think he's worth being jerked around any longer. Maybe even seriously thinking about leaving. Why? Because I think he really may be playing a game with you. The usual "why ruin it by labeling it?" or the "why do we need to make things so complicated by defining the yadda yadda etc etc..." look if he goes into any of that horse shit, then shut him down and run for the hills. It's almost always bullshit.

    Let me explain. See if he says this or any variation of those asshole fucking speeches, then it shows that he has commitment issues, and suggests many bad things. Like he's not taking you or relationships (either potential or actual) seriously. I'm serious about all of this. As I see it, he really needs to shit or get off the pot.


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