Does he want me to move on?

I've known him for 15 years, I am 18. he was my first friend, love, f***. he moved away a few years ago. didn't talk for a year, made up as friends, and when he came to visit we spent 2 weeks together and on our last night we stayed up all night, took adderall, and were completely stoned talking about very heavy topics... I asked him if my feelings for him are bothersome, he asked if I meant my caring for him, he said no it doesn't bother him. I asked if at any given point in time has he ever imagined we'd be more then this? he said he has. finally I asked if these are things he would like me to move past, he had trouble finding words to string together. I told him its okay, don't answer but keep in mind it would be for the best if I knew his feelings. so I can work on moving on if necessary. I was shaking, he asked me if I wanted a hug, I did. we stayed up all day and went to his grad party. for the first time in two weeks I felt as if he finally let his guard down and was the kid I fell in love with again... then he went back home.its only been a day though so I haven't called him.


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  • silence is a signal of moving on...if that's what you're trying to say indirectly to him...he didn't answer your question, so you probably should call him and get a more final answer to help give you a sense of direction or closure


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