Should I expect my ex boyfriend to be there for me during this trying time?

My ex and I broke up and for the most part it was my fault, I was in a lot of chronic pain, due to an illness, and I lashed out at him basically calling him from deceitful phone numbers and calling him several times during the day and sending deceitful emails, interfering with his business. Also many years back he had a car accident, where someone passed away, as well as a dog, and I called him a murderer. Anyway, the pain of my medical condition is more under control, but it is possible that this illness can be come fatal or that I may need surgery and I am scared. I need his support. Should I expect it?


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  • Absolutely not. I am sorry for your current hardship but you can't expect to treat a guy like that and have him be available for you at your beckon call afterward. My ex and I were together several years and she left me. A week later since we decided to be "friends", she crashed her car drinking and driving, left the scene. Luckily no one was hurt. So because she didn't want her parent's knowing what happened, she asked if I would spot the money to repair the damages to her car. I said no. So of course, I was the jerk. She leaves me, does something completely stupid, and expects me to pay for it? No no no no no. You kind of sound a little psycho honestly. But I wish you the best with your medical troubles, don't get your hopes up to hear from him though.

    • Anonymous you sound like a jerk I was in massive chronic pain dumbass do you know what that does to you? and I have more than been there for him spotted money in his business.

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    • Anonymous it can be assumed because of your attitude your ex ended it and women are different than men in recovery they need more emotional support its not the same and I have done a sh*tload for him so that is just out the window apparently and he admits he still loves me. you are minmizing my pain and maximizing yours and what youve endured

    • Screw my ex, I am better off without her. Get over it. Seriously.

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  • I don't think you can expect anything from anyone you treat like that.. But if you let him know, he might help you through this.. you shouldn't rely on 1 person for something like this, if you have anyone else you can call you should, I think it would help you a lot.

  • I'd seek support from someone else. Even if he does support you, your maximizing your problem, snd minimizing the problem between the two of you. It puts you both in an awkward situation, and you need stable support from someone who won't take you on an emotional roller coaster.

    If I were you, I'd let him know what's going on, but I would also let him decide how much he wants to support you. I'd also seek personal support from family or friends.

    Hope things work out for you

    • Thanks Brian, I got it.

    • Also Anonymous you know what you sound like your very immature and just cus you had pain darlin doesn't mean someone else's pain is any worse, what do you think brain surgery is like a f***ing broken ankle?

    • Correction anonymous just because you had pain doesn't mean someone else's pain isn't just as bad or worse did you die? no you're still here and I wake up in sevre pain all the time and I have a high risk to dying and a short life span. I have no sympathy for someone who drives drunk your ex made a choice to drive when she was drunk, she didn't have to get in the car and drive

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