GUYS: if you liked a girl a lot would you wait for her or try and meet other girls...explain

ok so I know the most amazing guy ever. we always have something to talk about and are nearly the same person. other people think we should date as well and we were good friends in the past. in the past he also liked me A LOT and finally admitted to it after a while...we dated for about 2 months but then he broke it off because he was using very hard drugs and other things going on in his life. I hadn't really spoken to him for 7 months after all of that...however, I saw him again once and when we chilled it was no different than when we were dating/when he liked me in the past--except that he didn't try to kiss me or anything. however, he would grab my shoulders and touch me or compliment me and even talk about things that we did together in the past such as the time we went to a concert together or even when he met me friends etc. the situation wasn't awkward at all and we were both pretty much talking the ENTIRE time. the connection that I feel with this guy is incredible and I love him a lot still...we always have a great time but there are many things still keeping us apart such as distance...question for you guys: if you liked a girl a lot and thought of having a future with her maybe would you wait for her or move on and meet other girls WHILE still crushing on her? In my case, (i'm the girl) I find it really hard to move on and even though I have dated other boys I still find myself comparing them to this boy...


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  • I can't move on after over 11 months stuck on a girl whose now a good friend of mine

  • he broke up with you for a reason, if he is really into you he would call, make time and spend it with you, if not move on even if you aren't over him.


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