What are your experiences with getting closure? Is it worth it? ...I just want to ask him "why?"

Me and my boyfriend were together for 10 months, then he moved away and things ended between us. I had known we were going to break up 3 months prior to the move because we had talked about it. I asked him what was going to happen between us, long-distance, break up, or what, and he didn't see any other choice but to break up. He didn't even consider having a long-distance relationship, despite the fact that he'd always speak so passionately about his love for me.

He's been gone for 2 months, and we've barely spoken. Just casual texting, like nothing ever happened. I've been doing very well through the whole thing, but I can't shake this feeling of wanting to get some closure, wanting to get some answers.

The day before he left, he told me we would still be friends; he told me that I would always be his best friend. Obviously that's not how things are now, so whatever. That's his deal. I don't care either way anymore.

I've been thinking a lot about it, and the question that I think would help bring me closure would be to ask him why he didn't want to try? I know long-distance relationships rarely work, and I know it might have just ended up badly anyways, and I know it might have been impractical, but still. When two people really love each other, you'd think they'd at least TRY. I feel like he just gave up. What's past is past and I can't change that, but I really just want to know why.

My mom thinks I shouldn't do anything and keep things the way they are: no contact with him besides the rare occasions he randomly texts me. She sees how well I've been handling everything and doesn't think I should open up new problems again. She thinks it would just expose me to more pain. Maybe she's right, but I still feel the need to ask him why...

What do you guys think? What are your experiences with closure? Is there a better way to go around this?
What are your experiences with getting closure? Is it worth it? ...I just want to ask him "why?"
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