Why is he contacting me? for the guys

I had been with him for 5 months when he decided he was unhappy in the relationship and with me. He said that I was responsible for his unhappiness but he didn't know if he wanted to be with me or ever see me again.

We split but since then every day I get texts or emails saying how unhappy he is and how stupid he is being etc but when I offered him the chance to meet and talk he didn't want to. I figured he may be struggling with the idea of admitting he was wrong so gave him the simple option of saying yes or no to us being together, again no answer.

I am starting to get really fed up now and text him saying that this needed to stop and that I am hurting right now and I can't take on his hurt without knowing what he wants from me. again, no answer. What can I do?

I sent him an email asking him to leave me alone - he did. Didn't take long for me to feel back to my self again when he stopped texting which is defintiely a good sign! :o)


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  • He could be depressed, or could be some other problem, or he is seeing someone else. If you want to move on break all contact and move on. He doesn't want to see you in person, keeps contacting you and doesn't want a relationship with you seems like he likes the attention you give him. Maybe wants you as a friend or maybe fwb...


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  • I know it says for the guys, but...

    Stop texting him. He's not worth your time for the simple fact that he doesn't want to date you. Happiness comes from within in. It sounds like he's confused or hurt or something, but it's not you it's him. Break all contact with him, change your number or block his. Don't waste your time and cause yourself more heartache trying to figure him out.


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