Help me? what should I do?

i was in a bad relationship then i met a guy who treated me nicely and sayed that he liked me then my ex threatened me so the nice guy left the work then i met hud older brother he treated me nice too then he told me he liked me he said that he want a serious relationship then one month later he starts to ignore me i asked millions of times if he still in love with me he said i don't really know then we brokeup now the guy who was treating me nicely wants me back and saidbhe loved me and that he left work because he can't see me and not to hug or kiss me or to tell me he misses me.. i love him soooooo much and i told him abiut the relation between his brother and me and niw he is very mad and don't call me back what should i do please help


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  • If you really love him, you'll wait for him. He needs time to think, to assimilate and come to terms with whatever you had with his brother.

    Just give him some time and he'll talk to you but if he does not, then he was never good for you, anyway. Because, someone who loves you would be able to look past your mistakes

    However, you need to stay away from your crazy ex. That boy is toxic.


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