Why did my ex boyfriend contact me years later?

This guy was my first everything - first love, first time, first boyfriend. He broke up with me by telling me he cheated and it was devastating. It took me over a year to get over him. Flash forward to now - it's been 5 years and we've had absolutely no contact until this weekend when he sent me a Facebook message finally responding to a 5 year old message I sent him (post breakup) explaining how he hurt me. He also tried to add me as a Facebook friend. I'm just baffled by this as it's completely out of the blue and I genuinely thought I would never talk to him again.

Guys - what do you think his motivation is here? Why do you think he contacted me?


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  • I honestly think he regrets treating you bad. 5 years is a very long time, maybe he's just curious about your life. At this point, I wouldn't think he wants me back. It's up to you if you want to open that door.


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  • ... Because he feels the guilt that he has in himself with what he did to you years ago. Nevertheless, fast forward time he is curious about what you have been up to this whole time. I tell you ms... thing thing called life, yeah it gets pretty interesting, indeed.


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  • Ask him. My boyfriend came back after months after he lost feelings. I was surprised but feelings could come back. I never thought he would but I'm glad he did. He lost feelings after not seeing me for 3 months.

    • You can't compare 3 months with 5 years. Take your story elsewhere it's not very helpful

    • You don't have to be rude about it

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