Wife sexting. Is it cheating?

as the title says it. found my wife of 10 years sexting another man the problem is were is the line of exeptable sexuallity vs a relationship. there was no phyical contact and no chance of it.


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  • Just a thought, but hear me out. You need to reignite the spark, the attraction within your relationship. How do you do that? Disappear. Disappear randomly and reappear without a reason. Disappear in a white t shirt and jeans and reappear 2 days later in a suit with no explanation. Hit the gym 10x harder than you think you can handle. Get a ripped body of a God. Be seen around beautiful women and most importantly, be unpredictable. NO ONE CAN PREDICT YOUR NEXT MOVE. Shroud yourself in mystery. Now you have attraction. Comfort and complacency are the enemy of attraction.

    • we have three kids which make it hard to disappear although I have done things to spice things up. I'm not ready to just give up on her

    • Don't give up, you're a man not a boy. Hit the gym when you wake up and when asked why you go so hard at the gym, just shrug and say nothing. Do 4 days a week 10 sets of 10 COMPOUNDS only such as SQUATS, BENCH PRESS, and DEADLIFTS. Become an animal and dominate! Eat super clean and healthy and watch your life soar. As far as mystery goes, start responding vaguely; your statements should contain a vast ocean of ambiguity.
      once again, just a thought; women love to figure shit out about a man. The less you reveal, the more they want to know which is the essence of attraction!

    • dude this @red_pill's responses are flaming f****** GODLY!

      it's like manx10, super saiyan 9000!

      This guy's balls are so huge they're touching the ground!

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  • wait... you've been married since you were 13?

    • haha screwed up on the year I'm 33

    • I was about to say Lol. anyways on principal it's cheating. she is imagining doing things with a specific person do the thought goes through her head for an extended period of time.

    • it was only a week before I caught her

  • You decide.


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