I messed up my chances?

i was trying to start a relationship with a guy for ten months. i was going through something, yet he stood by my side and was committed to trying to start something with me.

i have trust issues, and he tried to help me through them except i got too caught up in my feelings and i broke his trust. he was upset and i made him miserable. he broke it off and i asked him if i could ask him out when i fixed my trust issues. he said we are done for now, but if he's still available he's gonna go on that date with me in those flirty days.

i lost and disappointed a really really great guy. i am grateful i get to focus on myself and make myself better for a bit, however i hurt him. i want a second chance, he just wants space for fourty days and then he will give me one if he is still single.

do u think he will find another girl or meet another girl in fourty days?


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  • That's great that you're working on yourself and that you two are taking time to reflect. Please respect the fact that he asked for the 40 days. Don't pester him during that time. Time heals. If he really liked you and he believes you're sincere, then he will definitely give you that chance :) Best of luck


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