I am 21, this ex is 19...
I spent 1 year and 6 months with one of the best girlfriends I have ever had. i moved in around the 4 month mark, but over the process of that 1year and 6 months I bent over backwards and quite literally broke my body just to take care of this girl, and her 2 younger siblings, her parents, 2 dogs, and 4 cats, and the household.

my ex dropped out in the 8th grade just to take care of her siblings while her parents were looking for their next fix.

her parents are ex drug addicts, and one is disabled so he was unable to get a job. the other parent was so fixated on cheating on her husband and gossiping and talking s*** about me every single night to her family and friends that she never got a job.

her siblings were 16 years old and 8 years old, and just as I bent over backwards for my ex I did the same for them. They never went without. but quite honestly they did not care about me; simply the stuff that I bought for them.

my ex never received her GED so it was incredibly hard for her to get a job. but around the one year six month Mark I got her a job.

after the one-year 6-month mark I finally got tired of her mother talking s***, the spoiled 8 year old little girl that would throw a fit and no sooner disrespect any and all Elders around her, a house that I tried so hard to keep clean but wound up getting infested with cockroaches (the cockroaches bit me at night because i slept by the window, protecting my ex from them) so I packed up my important belongings and I walked out with a bag and proceeded to get picked up and taken to a friend's house.

I could not muster up the courage to say goodbye, or to break up with her in person. I had sent her a text explaining how I felt and that I was done with all of it.

she then called me begging to at least stay in contact, and me being the nice guy that I was born and raised to be I couldn't say no...

my question is am I in the wrong? because I feel absolutely terrible... Please help...


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  • you need to contact someone about that situation, the two kids there need better opportunities than what they have going for them


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  • you did the right thing, but you need to have a life of your own, something you enjoy, do not waste it on this. Try to move on. Do support the girl , but her family, as it stands, is none of your business.
    Relationship can wait. Explore other possibilities for now.

    • its hard bud... i really loved this girl but i ended things... and honestly i dont want to go back

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    • i could only hope...

    • keep the hopes up brother. Try to be positive about life, about literally everything and you'll see, life will already be better.

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