Have you avoided people that look like your ex or one of your exes?

I'm wondering this because I saw a girl at the pub that I thought was gorgeous, better looking then my ex but she reminded me of her so I didn't end up going to talk to her. The looks she was giving me, I think she was interested too.

Whats your thoughts?


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  • So you have an attraction to women with similar features? I don't see a problem in that. Her personality is not an end product of her looks. She is probably vastly different from your ex. I don't see a problem with that at all. I don't see what would have stopped you from talking to her really. Now if you see a girl who reminds you of your mother...thats weird.

  • Actually I am very attracted to certain physical features I associate with ex's, even ex's I broke up with and am turned off by. Odd, I know.


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