Ex messaging me after years not talking?

A girlfriend I had over 2 years ago (we were dating for about a year and a half) messaged me the other day making awkward small talk. I don't want to be rude but I really don't know what she wants, any advice? thanks 😊


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  • It's quite strange that it's been years, it would make more sense if the time period was shorter. Speaking from my own experience she's probably messaging you because she's nostalgic and feeling sad so she's looking for comfort in speaking to someone she was once involved with. Either that or she's lonely and wants attention. Ex's are the worst;)


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  • I had the same thing yesterday and posted a question about it. There is dozens of things she could want. I personally didn't reply. Fuck that bitch. I moved forward after three years. Why didn't she? She seriously is wondering I dont say a "hello" to her.

    • Lol sometimes we just do that because we care 😂 there really is no 2nd agenda to it. Broke up for a reason, believe me, she doesn't want you back.

    • @sweetbaaby This dumb bitch only loves herself and takes advantage of people who care about her. She was constantly breaking up and going back together with the guy she had before me. And that guy was as reatrded as she is. I bet she wanted to know if I have found someone or am still single to get back to me. Either that or she is fighting with her dad again wants a sucker to take her home.

    • Shame. Sorry that she's using you. Sounds like she really needs a friend though.

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  • Be honest and just ask her in a nice way, why she contacted you again. Or if you know she gets passive aggressive and you don't want anything from her, then I would say just carry on doing what you doing. Small talk, until there is nothing more to say 👌

  • She probably broke up or sth and is trying to get back together

    • yeah I was the one who dumped her but she seemed fine at the time. i didn't do it in a mean way or anything, but yeah that's what I'm worried about

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