Why are some men so cruel?

I need to understand why men would lead a women on just to make themselves feel good. There is a man at the same location were I work that has been flirting with me for a couple of months ( I thought). He stared at me and always looked me in the eyes or face. He would walk towards me and get close into my personal space. If I happen to be in the same location as him he would always position himself were I would be in his view. Then things started to change when I walk into the room he would quickly look down or away and now he is completely ignoring me. This man really got my attention and I really began to like him a LOT no one has ever looked at me with such intense, he literally left me with my mouth open. I've done nothing to him but try and be friendly and polite, I always smile. I work out so I'm in pretty decent shape and I look better then I have in a long time. I dress well and receive compliments by both men and women.

I don't understand why a grown man would play such a cruel game. I really thought this man liked me and its crushing to know that it was just a game. The thrill of the chase!

Guess what gentlemen for those of you that like to play this game. Its mean and very hurtful also cruel because the girl may really fall for you. This little game has made me feel stupid and ashamed for allowing myself to think that he was maybe going to ask me out. Guys if you have no intention of making a move on a girl why play games. Just let them be and go for someone that you will make a move on. Although I can see this person everyday I will avoid them like the plague! I don't need to be anywhere around this CREEP!

How do I avoid this person? I don't want to have any contact with them, but as I've mention we work at the same location. He provides a service that most people use daily including myself.

How do I do this?


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  • Why not just turn his constant staring into more useful? Let it fill your pride and self-esteem. You know he thinks you hot, even if he does go hot and cold. So you should take notice of this. You are attractive, why waste it on one fellow? Use the adrenaline this man gives you and take it with you. Meet more men, go out to other places. Let other men notice you, not just this idiot from a cubicle.


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  • Stop complaining. If he didn't play the game with you, you'd be playing and toying with his emotions instead.

    Grow some confidence and ask for his number if it really bothers you. Go for drinks, don't expect anything bigger to happen.

    • Not complaining just a bit hurt because I didn't get what I want! Just wanted to here from a mans point of view so I can better understand. Phonix52

  • I don't see the problem here. You think somebody liked you, but he didn't do anything so rather than confront him, you continue waiting for him to do something and then say he's a "creep." What's the deal?

    • The deal IS that we shouldn't lead people on!

    • But all this story says is that you thought he had an interest, you didn't say anything about actually approaching this person to find out what's going on.

    • Okay, I guess you have a point I shouldn't have called him a creep. I'm just not use to this type of behavior from a man. I did want to confront him or at least playfully tease him a little just to be a little more comfortable but now that his ignoring me it changes everything. Thanks for your advice.

  • You could ask him why he's ignoring you. Maybe he heard an untrue rumor about you or maybe he thinks you don't like him and he's trying to get over you.

  • I'm not sure you can avoid him. You need to work out this problem. Maybe ask him why he's acting this way so you can get some closure.


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  • I totally understand how you are feeling I believe I am in the same situation. Men can be cruel :-(

    • Yep it sucks but guess what? We have to woman up and learn to play the game! They obviously looked and flirted because they saw something they liked. So get his attention and once you've got it then snub him back and then discard them like a used piece of tissue!! Have fun!!!

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