I had a change of heart and he is calling me a liar?

So In short to my earlier questions ( details there )

After having telling my best friend that I don't have romantic feelings for him at all. He is now calling me a lier about telling him before that I might like him etc but innever led him on n I told him I'll figure myself out and after telling him rather than lying to him. He now accuses me of lying and that he will not tolerate any of my lies again and will drop me? What the actual fuck I'm so furious to the point.. i didn't even reply I left him on read.

If I defend myself the convo will take a turn I don't want it to as hell bring up his feelings and that he's still in denial etc. And if I let it be then hell think he's right that I am a lier!!! Which gets on every last nerve I have.

How could someone be so selfish you either like me back or I'll be a prick?


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  • u got to tell him that u are not being playful and u really are not interested. if he doesn't understand, u better warn him and call it off as he is not being a friend anymore.
    its hard for people to demonstrate a fair degree of selflessness when it comes to relationships


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