What are signs that your man is cheating!? I NEED HELP!!

What are signs that your man is cheating!?

i need help I think my man is cheating but I'm not sure please help me):


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  • ... your 17 you don't have a "man"

    you have a boy.

    when your 20 or something, THEN you MIGHT have a man. only if you find him.


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  • 1: call you another name

    2: say no to sex

    3: not take you on a date for a few months (or married he doesn't come home after a few days)


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  • Makes other plans when you've arranged to meet.

    Won't call when he says.

    Seems uninterested in communicating with you.

    Sudden change of behavior - like is he dressing differently or listen to different music

    Accuses you of cheating - takes the heat off him

    Is more argumentative - hopes you'll storm out on him so he can sneak off and see the other girl.

    Hides/guards his phone when you're nearby.

    Is suddenly using techniques in the bedroom that he previously wouldn't do or try.

    Increased personal hygiene - showering the minute he comes through the door etc etc.

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