Should I let him know I like him?

There is this guy that I really like who works at one of my favorite restaurants. I don't know his name, but he always talks to me when I'm there. It's a really small place, and I happened to be there twice this weekend. I want to let him know that I think he's cute and I like him, but I don't know how. I just have talked to him briefly several times when I' there. It seems that he may like me too, but I dunno... maybe since I'm usually there with my parents he hasn't said anything? Any suggestions on how to let him know without being creepy? I really want to go back there and talk to him more, but don't want to seem too desperate? Should I wait a couple weeks to go back? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks. : )


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  • Don't wait 2 weeks. Too long. Go this week and ask him out.


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  • yes let him know. just talk to him and bring it up. during sex if he's wrong just tell him how. just in case


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  • I would recommend not waiting a couple of weeks. That's kind of a long time, and if he likes you he might think that you lost interest. I say you should just go there without your parents sometime in, like, the next week, and ask him out somewhere.


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