She's behaving psychotic. Why?

So past two weeks my ex girlfriend has been playfully teasing me with her friends. She was the one that broke up with me and played mad games when I didn't chase. Although when she would be playfully teasing me with her friends, I would act indifferent as I kinda don't think she deserves any of my attention or respect.

last night, it was strictly her friends playfully teasing me about something I tend to do. Her friends and I were DYING of laughter and my ex was staring at us. Out of the blue, she screams SHUT THE FUCK UP. Neither of us stopped and we continued on.

this morning I posted some Instagram stories. She didn't look at them. Although her friend who never looks at my stories watched all of them.

Now, she is the one who is always looking at all my instagram stories. I don't get it. what's going on?
She's behaving psychotic. Why?
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