I keep screwing up relationships?

because I can't seem to realize that I have to be gentle with the boy's ego. But besides being careful not to make fun of him too much, what else am I supposed to do? Just be gentle in general?


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  • Some guys egos are bigger than others.

    You can tease one guy about his shirt and he can laugh along with you. Tease another guy with the same shirt and he will get mad and emotional.

    I suppose its the prosess of getting to know a guy. You can't really know until you find out, yah know?

    You don't want to be outright disrespectful to a guy. If he has standards and respect for himself, then he'll pass on you. But also realize that there are extra-senitive men out there. If that's not your thing, pass on him.


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  • Why are you making fun of him in the first place? You have too understand why you do it in order to stop if you know it is hurting someones feelings, so what do you get out of it? Is there a repeated pattern that ends your relationships,if so what is it?

    • Oh, it wasn't a big deal. I was talking to a different kid at a party who was making light of his costume. I thought he was just in it for the sex, so I guess I didn't treat him that well sometimes. Also, he wasn't especially affectionate outside the bedroom or particularly interested in my life, so I got the impression that he wasn't that into me. I'm just afraid that this relationship's going south will affect the outcome of a (hopefully) future relationship with someone else.

    • Well I would say stop getting into "relationships" that are completely devoid of feeling, if you repeat this yeah your future relationships will suck. It was never north so how could it have gone south?

    • LOL, good point. I just blame myself for it ending - and badly. And now that he's dating someone younger who has hobbies, I now feel like sh*t.

  • I don't understand how a little teasing can break up relationships unless you were being inexcusably rude...it that case, you need mental help.

    • Er, thanks for the advice? I meant times when I didn't realize that maybe I was being too assertive or direct.

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