My ex keeps liking my pics on instagram even though I keep ignoring him. What does this mean?

We've dated for 2 months but two days or so after our month-versary he decided to break up and he told me this through text messages. He said that since I'm going to move to another country at the end of summer it would be better that we broke up before it could become more serious. He decided this compleately on his own and I had no choice but to comply with it even though I would have prefered staying with him as long as I could. This cought me by surprise because he never mentioned that he had a problem with me moving and a couple of days before that when we went out everything seemed normal. But anyway he ignored me at school even though he said that we could be "friends". And we haven't spoken for over a month but he keeps seeing my stories and liking my posts on instagram even though I'm ignoring him.
What is going through his head? Is he mocking me or something? I would like to know other peoples oppinion on this.


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  • no baby he's in love with you and that's all that matters he's pissed off because you're leaving him


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