Taking a break?

What does it mean when your boyfriend says that maybe we should take a break? He said he just doesn't know what he wants right now, but that he sees potential for a future with me.
What exactly does taking a break entail? This is very new to me, so I'm not sure what to expect...


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  • You are loosing value in his eyes for something you did or the person you are being, he wants to distance himself because he used to be attracted, now he is becoming unattracted and doesn't know if he still has feelings for you or not Maybe you were too needy and dont give him any space for himself or are always talking to him every day all the time. Maybe not, maybe something else. Defiantly time thou if you want to have a hope of saving it to give him a little more space and not start feeling needy for him and messaging or calling him all the time still constantly or keep on asking him what you did wrong or if he loves you anymore. Nows the time to become a better woman, either you loose him and learn, or things work out eventually when you sort yourself out and grow into someone that can reignite the desire him him like when you 1st met.

    • well, I definitely haven't been clingy. Nor am I being now. I have done nothing, but support him in everything he has wanted to do and try to make him happy. The only thing I can think of that I did "wrong" was that I will not give up my religious beliefs for him. (I keep my religion to myself anyways)

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  • I fell out of love with a boyfriend and I told him that I needed to have a break.
    He came back 2 weeks later and told me that my break was over.
    If you love someone you shouldn't need a break.


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  • Hang on... he sees a potential future with you, but wants to take a break? To me, that means he wants to take a break, or evaluate how he feels with the relationship and prospective other relationships, but leave you hoping that things will work out again after a month or so...

    • The future comment is what gets me in all honesty. Like why tell me "I can see myself marrying you, but I think maybe we should take a break"

    • I know, that strikes me as odd... why take a break, if he wasn't serious?

  • Typically, it means they are testing the waters to see how well they would handle/enjoy being single without the risk of being single.

  • In most cases that just an excuse to wrap the whole relationship up

  • It means he cannot commit to a relationship. Dump him.


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  • He wants to see if there are better options out there


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