Advise on recent break up? Be gentle here please?

Hey! I was wondering if you could give me some advise on something I was going out with this guy for the last year!! We literally just got on so well and had the best relationship ever!! I was so In love and he said he was too! And that I was the best girlfriend and it was the best relationship he ever had!! Wednesday 2weeks ago out of no where he broke it off saying he needed to do his own thing as he's always been in a relationship and it's jus shit timing!! I'm devastated since!!! Since then we have met up a few times talked, cried even slept together which I know is a big no no!!! But I really fell apart the wknd and he was there for me! And said he would always be a phone call away that he's not going anywhere! I didn't speak to him Monday or wasn't going to contact him, he texed me asking was I free for a chat this evening and I said yes so he rang me, was asking how I was, he said he was shit enough that he jus feels sick all the time!! I then asked so what is it you wanna talk about and he said that he needs to take a step back that we both do because this is only making it harder on both of us being in contact and meeting up!! I understand where he's coming from but I feel like it's another kick in the teeth from him!! Not only has he dumped me out of no where tortured me for 2weeks, but now he's takin a step back!! I get it but he has completely broken my heart and has almost done it all over again with this phone call!! I left that call saying this is all on you, your choice I hope you won't regret it!! Deep down I would love for him to come back to me but I know chasing him won't bring him back!! i feel he's keeping himself very busy at the moment to try and cope where as Iv had my melt down now, he hasn't!! Do I never contact him again? If he contacts me do I respond? I know it's the end of the chapter but my gut is telling me no that it's not the end that there is just something if that makes since!! It hurts so much cz I thought he was the one! help?


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  • At his age, your ex should have his head screwed on straight. It sounds like he doesn't. He instigated the break-up and broke your heart. I would block all communication with him until he decides to grow up and act like a man. That includes groveling at your feet, begging your forgiveness.


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  • hi read your post and i want you to know that love is very powerful. he might not be himself when doing all this, i was also a victim of this with my husband before we got back finally. can you message me on my mail there are some step you have to take to win him back finally and it will help you email me on mccasat @ gmail. com

  • He seem confused and he was the one breaking up. I suggest you don't call or text him at all! Even if he calls pick up only if he multiple calls you and texts you he is sorry. I suggest you go out and meet new guys, you will see when you find a new better guy you are going to forget him and who knows maybe you realize it was better it ended up that way.
    I know it hurts ♥️ but if you worry and think about it too much it won't give you anything good back don't hurt yourself for a guy who's acting immature.


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