Ex boyfriend went from being mad, to ignoring me, to almost flirting to being mad again?

For almost 2 weeks I freaked out, followed him around work asking why, crying etc. I was a hot mess. Yes we work together. Then I dropped him. He went on vacation and Monday was the 1st day seeing him. I didn't speak to him. I acted like he didn't exist. He was playfully snatching things out my hand and I just gave him a little smile and walked away. Then as I was pushing something down the hallway he's like "woah now don't go running me over" and laughs. He looks at me to say something but I just look at him and keep walking. So today he was trying to joke around, pouring mop water on my feet, making sly comments but I refused to do anything. I did make a comment to the other guy working. I Asked if he got a game cause I need help. I was going to play over the weekend but I was out on a date. My ex did a whole 180. He started laughing really loud and stupidly when I would walk past him. And make comments like "I don't like liars". I'm still ignoring him at this point. I go upstairs to study and find them. He starts laughing then says "yo lemme show you all the girls I'm talking to. Oh this one I hung out with. Yeah man I deserve it, I've had a rough time you know?" All while I'm sitting on my laptop. I still ignored him. I was about to clock out he walks up. Stands there for a good minute not saying anything. I put my debit card in my bra so I wouldn't lose it. He tells me "you know that's how you lose things right? Haha" I look at him. Next thing you know he gets pissed "oh not going to talk to me? I understand. Since you're calling me a liar! You know all I wanted to do was talk to you and tell you I wanted to be friends but no!" In a dull voice I tell him "oh I didn't call you a liar." He tells me it doesn't matter. So I just shrug my shoulders and say oh I still didn't call you a liar but whatever. So we get on the elevator and I ask when did I call you a liar. He says does it look like I give a f**k? I shrug my shoulders and say I could care less.


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  • First off... learn how to Format. im drinking, that shit was hard as hell to read... no format, no paragraphs, sparse punctuation.
    But i was able to get the idea.
    This is the cat and mouse game... seems like he tends to come at you when you ignore him.
    I smell insecurity. BUT, he isn't the only one at fault, i think i can blame you too...
    To be brutally honest, you just come off as an attention whore... and i say that because, sure you are a little offended but you still want his attention, and ask yourself, WHY are you ignoring him? cuz you want him to show you attention right? or you wouldn't care.

    • Would've been paragraphs except for the part where the space is limited. No, I was hoping for us to get back together in the future but I wanted to work on me first. I decided by keeping my distance from him, I could do so. Since he broke up with me for bowing up at him.

    • well you need to start saying something. If you wanna work on you, tell him and i can tell you he will give you your space because that is awesome. and he probably will work on him.
      why does it sound like you want back in?
      I just realized you said "ex-boyfriend"... there is no connection.
      you shouldn't even be worried. work on you, you don't need his permission or Nothing from him. do you baby girl and make yourself a better person for whomever you want to be with next.

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