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Ok so I'm 18 and this problem keeps going in an endless cycle. My girlfriends parents are inviting in person and seem to love me like no other, I'm even seen as a son to her dad. So recently she had a graduation party and she had to help her parents instead of spend like time with me and they said "after the set up and the party was done we could spend any and all time together" well it's over and we spend time but about the same as when the party was being planned and all that. Just today they said we spend to much time together and they don't get enough time with her, we spend about 2 days out of a week together (if I'm lucky 3). They keep saying stuff like this, and when we do spend time together it's with them and her sister so we never really get real alone time and it's making is fight and making me frustrated. When we do get alone time it is like the best thing ever, we are both extremely happy and like ready to fall into each others arms and stay like that forever. I just don't know what to do anymore. She doesn't want to break her relationship with her parents or me so I'm at a standstill on ideas. Please help with suggestions or stories that are similar to mine. Thank you.


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  • Have you tried telling your girlfriend that you'd love if the time you do spend together was involving just the two of you?

    • Yeah and she took it as the time we are spending just isn't enough

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    • I've been thinking that but Every time I said it it came out rude or just wrong thank you for giving me the proper word choices

    • np, good luck. :)

  • there has to be a fine line where you can do both. Maybe she needs you to tell her that then you can talk to her family together

    • It's just she wants me to open up and that's fine but I'm a really shy guy and can only do it in private. I love her family but I can't take this fight for her.

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    • I'm not leaving her

    • Then suck it up. Those r your choices. Tc

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