Do you think it's reasonable to ask my husband to cut his family out of his life after this?

My husband and I have been together for 5 years, no kids. We are both early 30s, my MIL has always been horrible to me, she is the passive aggressive, nasty snide remarks to your face in front of everyone type of person. I've been nothing but nice, to this woman over the years, even though I loath her. My husband is extremely close with his family (his sister, mother and father). They are like a clique, that is very difficult to be apart of. My husband has told me she hated every girlfriend he's ever had, but hates me more so because I'm the wife. He sees them weekly, me included even though I do not want to attend. My husband has a wonderful relationship with my family, they treat him like there son. My FIL always agrees with the MIL because of her wrath otherwise. Anyways, over the weekend we were over at his parents for dinner, the mom told me that he isn't my baby, and never will be, he will always be hers and under her. I snapped. Needless to say, things have been really bad, I haven't stopped crying since the visit and his mother hasn't. She sent him a horrible evil message to his phone about me the night we left, telling him if he doesn't divorce me she will hurt herself and that I'm an ugly fat cow. She is mental, so my husband never defends me.. because he's worried what she'd do to herself. This weekend though, I lost it. His parents told him from this point forward I am banned from there home, and I have banned them from ours. My husband will visit them on his own without me indefinitely. I personally think he should cut his entire family
out of his life until they can respect me, but he's too obsessive with them for some reason. I am thrilled I'll never have to see them again, it takes stress off me. But I'm worried with the relationship he has, eventually they will be invited by him to our house again. I personally think he should cut them all out of his life, he got mad at me when I said that. What would you expect from your S/O in this situation?
Do you think it's reasonable to ask my husband to cut his family out of his life after this?
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