Should I text a girl my feelings when I don't know if I will see her again, or is it too late?

I met this girl a while back and at first i could tell that she really really liked me and we texted everyday for hours, but then after our first date things got weird where immediately after she would barely talk or look at me. We texted a few times after that but it was always short conversations and we hung out one more time, but it seemed like she didn't even want to be there with me, and since the last time being with her she won't respond to my messages. It's been almost two months since i've talked to her and she's all i'm able to think about. The only thing that i can think that went wrong is that i didn't tell her how i feel about her, when she made it pretty clear that she liked me and i think it hurt her feelings when i didn't do the same. I didn't want her to feel uncomfortable and i think she was expecting me to tell her how much i like her. I would love to tell her in person but i don't know if i will see her again. Should i text her and apologize and tell her how i really feel about her, because i like her a lot and just want to talk to her more than anything, or is it too late to fix it?


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  • Text her and tell her how you feel.

    It's better to know if there's still a chance to rekindle what you had , or at least stay in contact.. coz if you don't tell her , you'll live with regrets - you'll constantly be asking yourself "if only" and "what if",. Regret is worse than rejection, coz rejection is only temporary statement.. regret is an endless question. If she doesn't want you in her life at least that will give you the closure you need to help you move on from her


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  • I can only shake my head so many times for fear it will simply roll off my shoulders. NO, no, no and NO.

    Proclamations of how you feel only work in the movies. i don't know where you got these ideas from but all of them will land you in the MR. nice guy friend zone.

    You've got this girl on a pedestal as well. You either show her how you feel, or say nothing. All of this touchy feely, I want to tell her how I feel BS is for girls.

    Texting girls is also a waste of time because they do it out of boredom and will be doing the same to multiple men.


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  • Since you guys aren't speaking at the moment, you don't really have anything to lose by not saying anything. I would say go for it anyway, you'll never know what could happen.


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  • You'll miss 100% of the shots you never take.

  • Do it. No regrets!


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