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so my boyfriend just broke up with me yesterday and while we were dating I brought up to him about deleting pictures of him with one of his ex's but he didn't until today... after him and I broke up but he kept one picture with me in it and it's his cover too


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  • You say "he wasn't happy enough with me" in a comment. Did he tell you that? If my s. o. ever said that shit to me, I'd get rid of her so quick, her head would spin and I'd ask her how happy are you now?

    • he said "I fucked up, I'm sorry being distant but I was doing some thinking and I decided I was unhappy with where I am in life so I've decided to friend zone you. by the way your fine. I care for you but I'm not happiest with you. I'm sure you're pissed at me right now"

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    • . So with mine I got two bachelor degrees, accounting and business mngnt. I was promoted to branch manager where I learned so much from the big boss whom I was working at his house on the weekends where he is/was paying me $25.00 an hour tax free. Sure enough he was ready to retire after 30 years and did indeed recommend me over two other more then qualified senior candidates. I was grilled and raked over the coals with the board of directors. I got the job. **** and I stayed together for my daughter until she went to college. After our divorce, 1 week later, she's dating a guy supposed to be my friend. I almost beat the shit... quick, he bought her a $10,000 dollar flat screen TV. for her birthday. About one week later she threw him out. He asked can I have my TV back and she said its not yours. You gave it to me.6 months later she married husband #5? He died.

    • I ran out of characters, later or tomorrow.

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  • It means your looking for signs when there aren't any there. Just try to move on and be happy with life

    • exactly!

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    • @InfoBot Perfect! I also believe that things happen for a reason. So if you broke up there was a reason to that.

    • yup. never get back with an ex because they are an ex for a reason. now if you want to be friends that's fine

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  • Partners almost never change because you ask them to but the second you break up they change some of what they never did when you were together. Does not matter if you dumped them or not.

    This is also why if you don't like some kind of super annoying/deal-breaker thing about a person before/early in a relationship: bail!

  • Did u break up with him or was him breaking up with u

    • My bad it was him

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    • He can also be having other problems that he thinks he has to deal with but don't take my word I don't wonna be the blame if I'm wrong

    • he told me yesterday i was only half of why he was unhappy

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