Should I Break Up with the Guy I've Been "Talking" To?

I've been "talking" to this guy for about two months. I say just "talking" because we haven't gone a date due to him not having a job or his license (he's 18). I really did not want to get into anything with him, because when I first met him at the mall, the attraction just was't there. Nonetheless, being naive and unable to say no, I gave him my number (bad, I know). When we first started texting, I kept it simple and with less embellishment so I wouldn't lead him on. However, I discovered he's really sweet and he told me he loved me only a month in (which at that point I told him he didn't lol and didn't say it back). I actually started to like his sweet and funny ways so I eventually told him I loved him back, because I believed I did a little and he wanted me to. Now, I'm just not so sure. I've gotten into a habit of talking to him all the time and the physical affection, but I just don't feel we're compatible. I'm adventurous; he's not. I wanted to go to the Trap House in Atlanta and go get some of those rolled up ice cream thinys (lol); he thought it was a waste of gas. I like going places, and he doesn't. He thinks he's supposed to see me on my days off work, but I have summer work for school. However, I feel like if I really liked him, I would make time. Even more, I plan to go off to Vandy when I graduate this year (if I'm accepted); he wants to stay here and go to a local college if her doesn't get a football scholarship (there's nothing wrong with that. It's just not my plan). So, should I cut things off with him and if so, how should I do it? I know I probably should, but his mom and sister really like me and paid for me to go on a church trip with him. I would feel so bad. Someone please help me.


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  • Just tell him how you really feel, just the talking to is hard, you can't really see him to know your true feelings... and if he did really like/you love you he would make an effort.. Love after one month, not impossible but I doubt it... Puppy love maybe on his part

  • You don't want to text date someone only to break their heart when someone you actually like comes along... So I'd break it off if I were you.


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