Messy relationship with this guy- any advice?

My good friend and I developed feelings for one another. We discussed it and I wanted to be a lot more serious than he is "able" to right now. Things got messy, to say the least. We decided to take a break and not really talk and re-evaluate later on. Because of that, a lot of our conversation was via text.
He said I was really intense and didn't have the energy to deal with that, when I asked if we could get together.
He deleted me from Snapchat and went to a concert I told him about and we were going to go together without me, without mentioning it to me at all.
I told him I thought he wasn't treating me nicely and I didn't even want to be friends, let alone be in a relationship. I've only been nice and considerate throughout this and it felt like he was just being harsh.
He told me I take everything he does personally and that's all he had to say.
I was feeling really emotional and wrote a whole long thing explaining my feelings. The next morning I wrote a more dignified message just apologizing about the novel I wrote the night before... and that I'm realizing through this that I'm not even ready myself for a relationship and this showed me I have a lot to work on.

He never responded. It's been a week. I deleted his number for fear I'd just keep contacting him. I also deleted him from other social media because it just was too much. I needed to clear my head- this was all making me crazy.

Now I miss him and wonder what's going on in his head. Why he hasn't even bothered contacting me. If he misses me. If he thinks there's still potential for us. If he thinks about me at all. If he just thinks I'm crazy now...


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  • stupid relationship, how can you even be friends with someone like him

    • Since I am so subjective it's hard for me to view it rationally. What part do you see that makes you say that?

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    • I still feel like crap he rejected me... like if he's such a loser why would he reject me and treat me like that?

    • dont be sad girl, you will meet your prince charming sooner or later.

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  • calm down dear, dont work yourself into a panic attack

    just give it time and see where it goes, if he doesn't get back to you, then you know that he cares about you, if he doesn't and by the way he dealt with the situation, you are better off without him

    • How will I know he cares about me by him not getting back to me?

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