What would you do in this situation?

You are at the doctor's & they just told you that you have only few months to live.

---Do you tell anyone you are going to die?

---What do you do with your days left?

---Would you be afraid?


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  • I'm not sure whether or not I'm going to tell anyone. It depends on the situation actually. If I've been sick for a long time, and everyone knows about my condition, then I might consider telling some family members and close friends. But if I suddenly found out that I'm seriously sick and going to die (which no one knows about), I think I would keep it a secret. MAYBE I would drop a few hints to them like "Would you be sad if I die?" or something like that. If they ask if there's something wrong, I'll just lie to them and say "Just curious. hehehe :D"

    I would seek forgiveness from people, say the things that I've been wanting to say, eat my favorite foods, repent, go somewhere quiet and think about the life I've lived, donate my belongings to charity, pay someone to take care of some stray dogs/cats I found, donate my organs, etc. Yes, I would be afraid, and considering that I'm an emotional person, I'd probably cry at the thought of dying. Also, I would regret a lot of things, like. saying and doing the things when I'm angry, the things I've never gotten the chance to say, and for the things I can never do. It saddens me.


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  • I start eating right and opening more windows at home. If these things are accounted for, how can things possibly get worse? They can only get better. If you're alive one day and then take care of the inputs into your body, I can't imagine that death could ever been inevitable. But what do I know. I'm not a doctor.

  • Have sex with my Girlfriend everyday. Go skydiving. Say things to people I would never say.

  • This is if we're talking about me...
    1) No
    2) Sex
    3) No

    If we're talking about you I would advise...
    1) Yes
    2) What you like to do, assuming you aren't hurting anyone
    3) Don't be

  • i don't think I would tell anyone if I was going to die real soon. you do that and everybody starts feeling sorry for you (not exactly my favorite thing in the world). id want to live out my last days with my surroundings as normal as possible, so if nobody but me knows, it would be better that way. with my days being numbered, id try to do as many of the crazy goals I had in my life. sky diving would definently be one of them. other than that, id make sure to 100% speak my mind. there's no point in keeping anything back now. and I can't lie. as the days grew closer to the end, id be scared as hell. definently not ready to die

  • 1-No
    2-Finishing my works and Enjoying my last days

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  • 1.I would not...I''d hate to my make my loved ones suffer.
    2.I would...Probably go lose my virginity lol...
    3.Afraid..na everyone dies sooner or later.

  • I feel that you should tell the ones that care for you to prepare them for the future but tell them you would prefer for them to enjoy with you the rest of your life rather then letting you die upset over the way things are. I think it would be instinct to be afraid but yet you know it will happen so instead of getting scared over it, just embrace the fact and live out your life. Rather than living the time you are left with being upset, I would live out all that I have ever dreamt of doing. If your going to die, you have nothing to lose so just enjoy all you have left.

  • Aw, my boyfriend's grandpa just found out he's only got a few months to live.

    I can't hardly imagine myself in that situation. I suppose it depends on my mobility. If I could I'd go travel or do something, if not I'd spend time with friends close by. I think I'd be afraid if that happened soon, but if it were at a point in my life that I felt like I had had a good and fulfilling life, I might be okay with it.

    Any reason for asking?

    • My boyfriend's grandfather just passed away and it got me thinking if I only had a few months to live, what would I do and what would anyone else do

    • That's ironic.

      I'm sorry for him, and you, if you were close or anything.

    • Haha I guess that is very ironic. But thank you and I hope your boyfriend can get through it this time with less difficultly. My boyfriend is having a very hard time dealing with it.

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