Moving on from five year relationship?

I am going through a break up from a relationship of five years. It hurts bad. Ok this is kind of long and I would appreciate really true honest answers please. So here we go. I saw my ex a few days ago and we were good and he was being so affectionate to me like holding my hand.. hold my waist when we walked... kissed my cheek... just sweet... so we spent a few hours together. Towards the end of that day of us spending time together he started to act different like the affection went away... so we left each other and I called him while I was in my way home to talk about how be was acting.. long story short he broke up with me... he talked to me so rude he was mean to me... i was crying so hard while driving I could barely see... this broke me to my core... long story short he called me a hoe... smh he called me out my name and that hurt even more... our relationship was up and down a lot... no matter what he did to hurt me I would never call him out of his name... its crazy I am far from a hoe I never did anything to him to make him call me a ing hoe... i feel that there is a huge empty part of me after this break up... this really sucks... my self esteem is shot.. i kept thinking of what he is doing now.. like is he talking to other girls now.. these girls may be looking better than me and doing better than me... i feel that I will not find no one else and I will be alone.. it really sucks.. this man has told me I was the ugliest girlfriend that he been with and that the women that has tried to talk to him look better than me... he said that when we bad an argument... smh... I don't know y I am so hurt like this but I am really broken... we both had our shortcomings in the relationship but I don't know y he would call me out my name... i felt I defined my beauty in him... i just need help getting through.. i have no females friends my ex was my only friend I had. I am really down on myself and lack self love now. What do i do please


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  • love is like a fart, if you have to try too hard it's probably shit

    • ok now the numerous philosophy is out of the way.. first you need to understand why...

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    • First thing you need to do is wipe any contact details you have of him, as you don't seem to be the can be friends type.

    • start filling most of your time with work and friends.

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  • This sounds like a relationship I had with an an idiot. We only dated for 3 months but it took an additional 7 months to get rid of him. When it was good, he was sweet and good company. But when it got bad he turned ugly. I was in school and he worked as a manager at the dining facility. We accused me of (laughing) - I'm sorry - he accused me of cheating on him with a man who is 40/50 years older than us. He had his co-workers at the dining facility at my school take pictures whenever they saw me come in. I ate by myself. At the time I didn't have female friends. So I told him: look if I'm such a cheater then you should dump me. He then started calling me names. Said I was a wh**e because I wanted to try anal WITH HIM? Saying I was getting fat. He started stalking me and following me to my dorm. I never cared about what he said bc I always knew my self-worth I just never knew he was going to be this crazy.

    Come to find out he was the one who was cheating with someone at HR at my school. She was trying to get me to team with her to get him fired but he ended up going to jail for something unrelated.

    Unlike physical injuries, EMOTIONAL injuries take time to heal. You had a 5 year relationship with this guy. You need to give yourself enough to completely heal and forgive yourself.

    I'm currently going through somewhat of a breakup (friend I known for several years just wants to be friends). I'm not mad just disappointed. He said he wants me still in his life but seeing him and talking to him now hurts. I'm distancing myself and making an effort to not think about him or the sadness I still feel in my heart


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