Unknown relation breakyp?

I recently had my break up with the girl. she said that we were not in relationship after a 6 months she said that that was not a relation. then for 2 years we were just close but I was unable to accept I was having expectations but she didn't one day she scolded me using slangs. many times it happened so we were just quarreling for just 1 reason when I used to have some expectayion but it was not fulfilled I used to be silent not talking to her, and finally I decided to not to disturb her and to accept the truth. so can any 1 suggest me what to do I should wait for her or I should move


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  • Always move on. Waiting never ends well for one party. They tend to get resentful and shitty of the person they're waiting for.

    • ok
      thank u... 4 the suggestion...
      but she is in the same section same group too... where I study in that college...

    • So you're going to sit around moping instrad of enjoying your life because you see her every now and again? That's just pathetic.

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