Should I wait for my ex to contact me after sending this message or should I reach out first?

This is what I said. It's been one day no contact. After a month should I reach out or wait?
I've been thinking a lot recently. About how I've been feeling and about the future. I've decided that we need some time apart from one another. It's nothing you did, it's just something I've realized I need. I thought I could be just a "friend" to you but I just can't do that when I want more from you. Once I saw how amazing you could be, I can't go back to feeling like my old self. I can't worry about you when you're not mine. I can't stop thinking about "does he miss you" or "has he found someone else?" It's just not good for me and I don't n't want that to translate into our relationship. I need this time to grow and to change for the better. So that when I feel ready to come back, I'll be better. The advice I've been given has made a lot of sense. If you want to be with me you'll be with me. If it's meant to happen it will happen. If you care you'll come around. I just have to trust that gut feeling. I hope you understand where I'm coming from. I can't go back to being uncertain or feeling like an option. I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable or forced to stay in contact with me because of this. I feel like this could be good for us, regardless of what the future holds. If you need me I'll always be here. I know I won't forget about you. Hopefully you'll do the same for me. This is so hard for me to do as I feel like I'm taking a break from my best friend. This isn't a goodbye, but rather a see you later.
Thank you for everything you've done for me. You've made this past year the happiest I've been in awhile. If you feel the same about me, I'll know. If not, I'll come back when I'm ready. Just wait for me
It was a very amicable split, he's sending mixed signals about whether or not we could be together again.


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  • You're telling him to wait; that's so uncool. You haven't gone off to war, you're just blowing him off. Of course you're getting mixed signals - how would you respond to "I might come back around eventually. If I feel like it. Who knows, I might change my mind several times. It's a mystery! But wait for me!"
    Yeah, nice.

    • I understand where you could see this. But he broke up with me and was sending me mixed signals. He begged me to be friends with him and possibly wait to see if we could be together. He said "we'll fall for each other again" and "I can see us being together" but also "don't wait for me" so I just decided I can't wait around and will come back if and when I'm ready to just be "friends." You raise a really good point though

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  • What he is saying is bullshit. Here's what his exactly saying is:

    I was using you for sex. I got bored of the relationship. I wanted to experience sex with better women. I thought I could get better but I couldn't. Now I want to get back with you so when can have more sex, until I can find somebody better than you.

    Your better off without this guy. There are 3 billion go find somebody else.

  • Why are you communicating with an ex at all? Do you think you can reconcile and ride off into the sunset together and live happily ever after? Smh lmfao. Do you think you can be friends? Roflmfao


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